Sea Adventure Scuba Diving Center in Chios

Welcome to Sea Adventure Scuba Diving Center. We opened in 2008 and provide diver training and diving tours in selected areas at Chios.

Our Trainers are certified and approved from the state as well as from others world organization , like PADI .Our training programs are fully supported by PADI and every candidate can be trained with the newest and most modern way(audiovisual means,DVD,CD-rom)

Our diving equipment is perfect condition and supported by Scubapro.Clean air in the bottle tanks is supplied from the top aircompressor of Paramina. And is certified from bureauveritas./p>

Dive with us and choose from discovery scuba dive or a full training session or if you are a certified diver dive with one of our expirienced divers.

Trainers CV

  • Anastasios douskos

    He started in 1986 with the dive. He was a Surgeant Major Seal in Special Forces, Governor speedboat operator cabin decompression, Inspector of high pressure cylinders, PADI instructor and first aid.

  • Xristos douskos

    He has 2 years of diving, is the Dive Master PADI, inspector of high pressure cylinders, speaks 2 languages.